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Kingma Universal L-Plate for DSLR/Mirrorless (KM-125A)

1. Made of aviation aluminum alloy with CNC machining and anodized surface, solid, durable, and wear-resistant.

2. 1/4 inch screw at the bottom, easy to install and provides a secure and stable support for your camera.

3. With rubber pads on the bottom to prevent camera from scratches and damage.

4. The base plate and vertical plate can be easily disassembled and assembled to fit different shooting experience.

5. 1/4 inch screw hole on the vertical plate, which can mount flash light, fill light, microphone and other photographic equipment.

6. The fixed screw on the base plate can slide according to different camera sizes.
Kingma Universal L-Plate for DSLR/Mirrorless (KM-125A) adalah quick release L plate yang didesain khusus untuk kamera Anda. L-Plate ini terbuat dari bahan CNC Alloy berkualitas yang cocok untuk Anda para Vlogger.

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