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Feiyu Pocket 2 Stabilized Camera

22% Off
-Super mini, real pocket-size make it easily to be put into the pocket.

-130° Ultra wide-angle lens, comes with three viewing modes: super wide-angle, wide-angle, and narrow-angle.

-All-metal frosted body,weighs only 127g

-Break point shooting, revolutionary filming efficiency.

-Built-in loudspeaker, which provides great user-experience to you while playing back videos.

-Supports external microphone to give you better recording quality for creating your VLOG.

-Built-in beauty function; Intelligent face tracking mode.

-Five-way joystick, which makes operation much easier.

-Magnetic body, easy to pick and place.

-Ultra HD 4K@60FPS resolution, up to 120M Max. bit rate , easily create real 4k video.

-Sony1/2.3 inch CMOS,12million effective pixels, a single pixel up to1.55µm, powerful imaging unit.

-4x Electronic zoom.

-Three-axis mechanical gimbal keeps footage extremely stable.

-3.6 hours long battery life, working with max. storage 512g, meet all your needs.

-Connect APP with WIFI to get real-time footage preview and remote control, convenient for framing and composition.

-Connect APP to achieve AI intelligent object tracking mode.

-Connect APP to achieve intelligent hyperlink remote control

-APP comes with editing function

-1/4 inch thread hole on the bottom allows you to adapt more accessories.

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