Haida NanoPro MC Clear Filter 95mm - HD3290

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IDR 1,400,000
Key Features

General Protection filter reduce dust,moisture and scratched from reaching lens elements

Constructed from high quality optical glass for optical clarity

Thin filter frame helps to provent vignetting

Nona-coated to provent internal ghosting and reflections while provide over 99.6% light transmission

Creates no additional coloration or contrast

In the Box

1x Haida NanoPro MC Clear Filter (HD3290)
Haida NanoPro MC Clear Filter 95mm - HD3290 merupakan filter clear dengan faktor filter 1x dan didesain untuk melindungi lensa. Filter ini tidak mempengaruhi kualitas gambar dan membantu mencegah debu, goresan, kelembaban dan zat-zat lain untuk mencegah atau merusak elemen bagian depan lensa.