Godox Collapsible Lantern Softbox CS-65D CS65D


270° Beam Spread

Popular Bowens Mount

Optional Skirts to Control Light Radius

Use on LED or Strobe Lights

Sets up in Seconds, Includes Carry Case


Ideal for use overhead or to raise the ambient illumination level, the 26.6" diameter Collapsible Lantern Softbox from Godox has the same omni-directional quality of light as the "China Balls" of yore but is built with durable materials and has accessories such as an optional skirt set to control the 270° beam spread. The Lantern has a Bowens mount that fits Godox lights such as the SL150 II, UL150, and VL series, but it is also compatible with many other lights that use this popular mount.


Beam spread is 270° for soft omni-directional light quality

Bowens mount is widely compatible

Fast, simple setup

Optional skirts for beam spread control

Package Listing:

1x Soft Light Cloth

1x Support Rod

1x Storage Bag.
Godox Collapsible Lantern Softbox CS-65D CS65D ini ideal untuk digunakan di atas kepala atau untuk meningkatkan tingkat pencahayaan sekitar, Softbox Lentera Lipat berdiameter 26,6" dari Godox memiliki kualitas cahaya omni-directional yang sama dengan "China Balls" dahulu kala, tetapi dibangun dengan bahan yang tahan lama dan memiliki aksesori seperti set rok opsional untuk mengontrol penyebaran sinar 270°.Lentera memiliki dudukan Bowens yang sesuai dengan lampu Godox seperti seri SL150 II, UL150, dan VL, tetapi juga kompatibel dengan banyak lampu lain yang menggunakan dudukan populer ini.

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Item Type

25.6" Lantern Softbox (Rounded Shape)

Interior Color

White (Translucent)

Light Compatibility

Includes Speed Ring with Bowens S Mount

Quick Open Type

Click/Locking Type

Accepts Grids

Yes (Not Included)

Removable Front Face


Interior Baffle


Light Loss/Gain

1-Stop Loss




ø: 25.6" / ø: 65 cm


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